Wednesday, March 17, 2021

post pre launch kickstarter

 well, i'm nervous.

the kickstarter page is now previewable and i have a pre-launch page.

i need to figure out details about shipping physical rewards, but there's almost something unreal about doing that research, like, "yeah right, max, who am i kidding? stop pretending you're going to have any backers."

but also at the same time, i love my project about 10x more than any other i've seen on kickstarter, so why wouldn't all the backers back me? life is just full of contradictions!

the other really big question mark for my kickstarter is the video. initially, i paid a friend of a friend to help me record a serious, sincere video. i don't love it. it's kinda boring. it makes me roll my eyes a little and feel slightly embarrassed. a week after recording it, i just invited a buddy over and we did a bunch of silly little "bits" on camera, including dressing up as a 9 year old, LA hipsters, and jumping in the pool. and recording my dog a lot. it was a lot of fun. you know, it's much more in the spirit of tiktok. you know, which the kids are into these days.

so i have to decide between these two videos. or actually finish editing one/wait for my friend of a friend to finish editing. i may also need to record some more voice lines.

then i want to make a thing for my website for backers at the Lost Dog tier. so they can specify what body, color, name they want for their dog in Dog Heaven and an epitaph for the gravestone. it will be nice to do some coding again. i've been doing art and gif creation and whatever else for the kickstarter for a long time now.

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